Who We Are

Cemetery Trip

The MPCC is a laid-back social club. The only requirement for membership is that you own a ProCar, and if you loose the car through whatever means you have an entire year to find another one to replace it. No dues, no manditory participation at this time. You can be as active or inactive of a member as you wish.

As such, this club really is whatever you want it to be. The club puts on our very own ProCar show every year, and throughout the year there are many different things the club does. Some of these include: Showing up together at local cruise nights, car shows, zombie crawls, horror attractions, museums, funeral homes, cemetery trips, halloween parades, photo shoots, charity events.

Often someone in need of a ProCar for one reason or another will come to the club seeking help finding one for a specific task. For example the club's cars have been involved in weddings, movies, and much more.

Monthly meetings are held at the end of every month, often at local dinners or member's houses.

What really separates this club from most others is the comrade, as the members are as diverse and unique as the vehicles themselves.

How many clubs out there will find themselves on a weekend afternoon, sitting in the shade under a tree, in a quiet park-like cemetery, while no one else is around?

Under A Tree